IPAs (India Pale Ale)

Regardless of India in its name, IPA’s were originally created in England. This hoppy-style of beer can pack a lot of flavor into every sip and more often than not has more ABV (Alcohol By Volume) than other styles of beer.


Dark beer has a deeper, bolder flavor and look because of the roasted barley that is used during its creation.


Looking to start up a gluten-free diet? Don’t worry, there is a way you won’t have to cut beer out of it! These are often brewed with ingredients that don’t contain the proteins found in wheat and barley. Some gluten-free beers are actually just considered low-gluten beers so if you are sensitive to glycoproteins, keep an eye on what you are drinking.


Pilsner’s are often golden in color and have a crisp and sometimes bitter taste. This category of lagers should always be served cold for the largest flavor effect. The top recommended types of pilsner to look for are German or Czech brewed.


Often scrutinized and misjudged for having low or no alcohol, non-alcoholic beers are just another alternative due to being restricted from other beers such as with the gluten free style. Many people cannot drink alcohol because of dietary reasons, religious reasons, or perhaps they are just the designated driver. Non-alcoholic beer offers a great way to enjoy yourself responsibly.